Company Profile

As our company name HANDPROTECT,  our Mission is providing protection to HANDS, the most important body part for human survival and working.

More than ten years, we have continuously keep improving and R&D of gloves, making the safety and protection of human hands in working, production and life better and better.

Since year 2007, we produced cotton gloves and dotted gloves with simple protection against abrasion and dirty, 2012 we have our coating production lines, to make Nitrile,Latex, Acrylic, Neoprene,water-based PU ect materials used in gloves coating, also with our special technologies, our gloves now with diversity functions,waterproof, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-slip, cut-resistant, anti-impact, anti-chemical &oil, anti-static, anti-ARC, low temperature resistance and so on.


Our technologies also have broken new ground in cut, durability, healthy material.We introduce ergonomic design to make gloves more comfortable; the liners yarn from 7 gauge to 18 gauge, 21 gauge, to make the gloves high dexterity ,flexibility and breathability. More new materials we used to gloves to make gloves have more excellent functions.such as carbon fiber, bamboo fiber, glass fiber, Aramid, silver fiber, copper fiber, steel wire ect.

From day one, we set out to create no harms, highest quality products on the market. Our gloves with test report for Anti Fresh, DMF Free, Silicone Free, Odor Free. Also with the CE certifications, the gloves with high reputation in EU, United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East .

Join us and cooperate with us to contribute to the magnificent enterprise of human safety protection!

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more than 10 year experience

your idea is our products

Strict quality control system and product certification

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