Latex Pieced Gloves and Latex Coated Gloves

Latex Pieced Gloves and Latex Coated Gloves are safety gloves widely used in construction, manufacturing, mining, machinery processing and other industries.

Latex Pieced Gloves are made of knitted glove bases molded with latex pieces on the palm, fingers and back of hand. The latex piece has a certain thickness and lines. Its effect is more wear-resistant, more anti-skid, the latex surface is more strongre oil resistant, and the latex piece on the back of hand increases the anti-collision effect. Although the price of this type of gloves is slightly higher, it will have better protective effect, more durability and more economy when used in operations with high wear, hardness and impact.

Latex Pieced Gloves 2

Latex Pieced Gloves 3

As the name suggests, the Latex Coated Gloves are made by dipping the knitted glove bases with latex solution, which is coated on the palm and fingers, so as to produce the safety protection effect of wear-resistant, anti-skid and anti fouling. The latex coated gloves are relatively lighter, more flexible and comfortable, and have stronger grip; The price is also relatively low; It is widely used in garden, agriculture, logistics and other industries.

Latex Coated Gloves 1

Latex Coated Gloves 2

Post time: Nov-10-2021