News from the Joint Sales Meeting of the Company

Due to the epidemic, we were unable to participate in this year’s A+A and Canton Fair. But we have the same enthusiasm for providing quality services to new and old customers. According to the current general price increase of raw materials in China and the current situation of power restrictions and production restrictions in many factories, the meeting decided:
We will do our best to protect the fundamental interests of our customers. We must purchase varieties according to the habits of our old customers, and determine the prices of raw materials for each variety separately with our factory. We will develop raw material supply channels in various ways, adapting measures to our factory ability and material conditions to ensure that the quality of gloves remains unchanged and the price level is the lowest. For new customers, we must provide products that meet International Quality Standards and have competitive prices in the market.
We are still developing and optimizing products to meet the changing needs of the market.

Under the premise of fully guaranteeing product quality, we must always urge the factory to do everything possible to guarantee the product delivery date, so that our customers can perform on schedule and help customers maintain their market share.

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Post time: Oct-27-2021