The 132 Canton Fair–let’s meeting on 15th Oct, 2022

The 132nd Canton Fair is holding from 15th-24th Oct  2022 onlines. In order to provide quality services to customers at the Canton Fair, we are fully prepared to welcome the Canton Fair.

132nd Canton Fair 

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Time: 15th-24th Oct, 2022

What we will showing: 

We have a wide range of gloves with different materials such as PU ,Nitrile ,PVC,and Latex .meanwhile,we have different sizes and colors of gloves.  All of our gloves are clearly explained to the audience in the studio.  During the live broadcast, we showed some gloves with special performance.  For example, we will use some real gasoline to show the oil resistance of the glove.  Use the knife over the glove to demonstrate its cutting resistance.  At the same time, we also actively interact with the audience, explain to them and recommend gloves suitable for them.  With careful preparation, our company achieved a good effect of live broadcast and received thousands of likes from the audience.

Finally, I would like to say that our company is a glove manufacturer and exporter dedicated to safety gloves. In order to achieve the purpose of protecting hands, our company has different glove materials and different dipping methods, and our gloves also have different characteristics, such as anti-cutting, waterproof and anti-chemical agent.  There are still two days left before the end of the Canton Fair. I hope you can come to our studio, and we will start our wonderful glove world tour together.

Post time: Oct-13-2022