Shipping prices continue to rise, the United States line container price no market

Recently, European and American shipping congestion has become the norm, containers piled up in European and American ports, unable to return to China in time. In addition, there are more sellers of recent shipments, and it is difficult for domestic cargo owners to book warehouses.There are seller feedback, Shanghai has been out of stock, the general ship can not get the warehouse. And now the ship is unstable, in the traditional off-season of March, really crazy than the peak season of the previous year.
Not only has the price of a position in Ningbo risen a lot, but it is also difficult to book. At present, the shipowner is no longer putting the general ship position, if the seller wants to ship, it is necessary to order the so-called “diamond” warehouse, of course, the price of this position is also high. The owner also reminds the customer that the problem of shortage is serious, and the whole container customer should pick up the container in advance as soon as possible after getting the packing list. South China also has no spare space due to insufficient capacity, and is affected by the butterfly effect of shortage in Central China, and position prices continue to rise. At the same time, Meisen issued a delay information, the freight forwarder informed the seller will be the first time after unloading the container transfer. Tight positions, serious shortage of cabinets, the most direct blow to sellers by sea is that prices have soared all the way, and shipments are exhausted. According to a seller, the credit insurance order for the US and Canada line rose from $6,800 to $10,000. In addition to the price increase, the goods are still stopped in Ningbo for some reason. Another seller lamented: Recently to North America’s cabinet is really too difficult to take! If you don’t have a price, you don’t have a market. There are 50 containers in the warehouse, waiting to be released.
The recent shortage of shipping space may be related to the previous overstocking by the shipowner. At present, container dumping and shipment delay are common and serious in South China and Central China. The US-East route is affected by the late radiation of the Suez Canal and the coming of the dry season, and large ships can not navigate the Panama Canal, and the storage space will be reduced in a large area from May. The Port of Los Angeles, where imports continue to flood into the U.S. and Western shipping lanes, set a new record in March, handling 957,599 twenty-foot TEUs.
Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, said: “As more Americans receive vaccinations, businesses reopen and consumers continue to buy goods at a rapid pace. The pressure on the port has grown, with port workers, truck drivers, and terminal operators working around the clock to handle cargo.

Post time: May-20-2024